Hello to all of our friends and supporters! As we embark on our 3rd decade of presenting innovative film, visual art, music, theater, arts education and all-around rabble-rousing, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Vox Box Arts Collective! We already feel so fortunate to have your involvement and hope it continues, as we present:

Mostly Kosher:

Mostly Kosher, the acclaimed Klezmer-rock band, radically reconstructs Judaic and American cultural music through ravenous klezmer beats and arresting Yiddish refrains. Mostly Kosher is a musical feast that explodes into a global food-fight of Jazz, Latin, Rock, and Folk. In response to the poetry and folk music of Judaic roots, their original voice resounds with themes of social justice, human dignity and mutual understanding. Their new album “This World is Yours” is now available on ALL music platforms - for more information go to mostlykosher.com. Donate HERE to support Mostly Kosher’s educational outreach programs, new music collaborations and touring to parts known and unknown!

Patricia KrebsEstela Garcia

VOX BOX Art and Theater workshop in Spanish
VOX BOX Taller de Teatro y Arte en español:

Caja de Arte (Art Box)
In January of 2013 Vox Box's Art and Theater Workshop for elementary school-aged kids had its debut! We are thrilled to have master artist/actor/educators Patricia Krebs and Estela Garcia continuing to work with our bilingual kids in creating art, sets, puppets and characters for an amazing week of art exploration! Your donation will help us with student scholarships, art supplies and operational costs of such a program.

Ron & Laura Take Back America

Our edit is complete, now we need to raise additional post-production funds – we're in the home stretch. Help Ron and Laura come to a theater, television or laptop near you!



Our Write Now! creative writing workshop for kids was a fantastic success, thanks to our partners Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock and Little Bookwormz. Help us create more literary programs like this one!

Press for Democracy:

Our interview show featuring the movers & shakers of education, politics, literature and art continues on Free Speech TV. We are currently needing funds for additional field reporting and equipment.

Press for Democracy

Irene BedardKeith Mitchell

Projects in Development:

Vox Box is currently developing new projects with Lead Artists Irene Bedard and Keith Mitchell. The journey continues… with YOUR HELP!